The Godfather of Feet

Where do I begin describing her addictive persona?

The second you meet her, you realize you're in the presence of a true human being. The fact that her feet are irrisistiblel is icing on the cake. Her eyes are alluring and her laugh is infection. As for her ability to see deep inyour psyche, that's an attraction that can be extremely dangerous, but unavoidable. Your instincts to guard your emotions become irrelevant as she provides a safe place for you to expose your inner thoughts in a nurturing manner. When indulging her feet, your head will spin in a whirling dervish. Their taste is euphoric. So sit back (or kneel down) and enjoy everything about her. The experience is as incredibly gratifying as it is unique. She's one of a kind. Unique. Real. In every way.

Gentle Sub a.

With Mistress Allison, I always know my place. She strips me bare to my soul, but respects my vulnerability and my desire to please. She pushes me beyond my limits but I am better for it and know that she doles out pleasure and pain with my interests at heart. Every time I see her, I simply know to whom I belong.

TJ - The Foot Connoisseur

The Real Heel IS the real deal. Take it from a lifelong foot enthusiast who has had countless sessions and attended as many foot parties with probably a couple hundred beautiful woman over the last 20 years. Real Heel is top 5 dead or alive! As if her captivating smile, personality and down to Earth nature wasn’t already enough to put even the most apprehensive of clients at ease, pure sexuality oozes from her effortlessly. Her soft, supple, slender fee smooth as silk and pliable as a champion ballet dancer, will have you weak in the knees, like you can hardly speak. I have lived it. A session with this amazing woman is Heaven on Earth, the ecstacy is unspeakable. If you have not given her sessions a try, you have not lived. Worth every penny. 

Tinyman Chris

I've ordered four giantess customs from Allison and have always been blown away. The first one I ordered from her, she said was her first giantess video. I would never have guessed in a million years. She was a natural. Allison killed it with the script I sent and I've taken every opportunity to order more when she takes on customs. She can be any giantess style: gentle, mean angry, etc. You name it and Allison will nail it. I try and be as creative as I can with what I send because I know I'll get an A+ custom from her every time. I can't recommend her giantess customs anymore highly. You wont be disappointed.