High-Heeled Coup

Another partnering with authors Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta, Allison narrates the 'High-Heeled Coup'. How far are you willing to go to save face and do what ever needed to be done to keep your job? A battle of the heels and a true coup de grâce in this corporate setting. Purchase Audio Clip Here!

The Cucky Sitter

Allison, has joined forces with Candy Apple Press authors Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta, narrating their story 'The Cucky Sitter'. Jaci, a college student desperate to make her ends meet, takes on a new empowering "baby sitting" role,  cuckholding men. Purchase Audio Clip Here!

Orgasm Audio with Vibrator

Allison Jerry is not one to reveal herself but she is more than happy to allow you to listen in on her private moments. Would you dare to make this your ring tone? Listen from start to finish a climatic moment of Allison. Purchase Audio Clip Here!

Fantasizing About You

This ASMR audio clip is easy to slip into as Allison sets the stage of describing how she fantasizes about you alone in your room touching your rock hard member. You'll soon realize that this is not just her fantasy but a subtle switch on jerk off instructions. Purchase Audio Clip Here!

How Are Your Parents

Allison has ran into an old high school friend and after catching up a bit she finally divulges a very shocking experience. An experience that Allison had with the parents of her high school friend! Is this the beginning of Allison's very hyper-sexualized path? Purchase Audio Clip Here!