Who is Allison Jerry

My self discovery and awakening process began at the end of 2009 when I started exploring thoughts beyond myself. These seeds were planted by the numerous courses I'd taken at my alma mater but graduating college my thirst for knowledge was far from over. The normal vanilla life was my course and it certainly did not feel right. Time went on and my hobbies became variable and eclectic. Everything that I adopted, metaphorically speaking, I became bored and my discontent grew.  My interest took a turn in 2015-2016 when I met someone who Johnny Appleseeded my head. This is the same individual to which my last name pays homage. 

In 2016, I began my adventure online and socially. I had taken my interest out of books and articles and started to apply them to my life. My urges and desires became stronger and that flame grew. I was combining my awakening journey and love of metaphysics into tapping into my ultimate true form. I am a sexual healer. Not in the traditional sense of vaginal/penile penetration, but tapping into other avenues of sex. Creating a safe place for those that I cross paths with to explore themselves. Mingling and working with other producers, fetishist, teachers, models I really loved this alternative side of life. So much so that I've never been more content in my life than being able to live my life in the kink. 

When people ask who I am...an experience. I started my work in the foot fetish community with the intent of moving on as a dominatrix. Stepping for into the kink world is different for everyone. Some are quick to pave their way, some know exactly their destination, and others like me, just enjoy the process. My #RoadToPro has been so exciting and filled with so many learning experiences. I am open to how it unfolds and taking one step at a time to get to my destination. Ultimately, I know my final destination and is my best kept secret. While I'm building my empire I'm thrilled to be a part of many peoples journeys into exploring the best parts of themselves. 

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Allison Jerry