From Paris With Love


Going to Europe was a huge highlight of my 2019 year. Actually this entire year has been filled with so much travel, almost monthly. By far, Europe could easily convince me to drop everything and return. I started my trip in Dublin, Ireland, walking into the hotel almost running into a piss soaked, vomit entrenched, stumbling drunk at 4am. He could've been a tourist for all I knew. Until he opened his mouth and the slang and dialect of a true Irishman, poured out in unrecognizable garble. I would described Dublin like a little mini New York City, busy, with how touristy it felt. I loved all the shops and culture. I especially loved how proud Irish people are of their heritage and culture. In fact, I’d go so far to say that most of Europe is that way, but there is something so passionate within  the Irish culture that bonds them together. Just about every opportunity I had to speak with a local, the conversation always found it’s way back to discussing history. I can’t speak highly enough of Dublin and I only saw an inth of the country. But one thing that set Dublin apart from my entire trip was the food. I’m drooling right now thinking about how delectible the meats and meals were that I ate along the way. Mark my words, I will have a second home in Ireland - solely for the food. Unless some dashing, good hearted, well rounded personality, Irishman wants to sweep me off my feet. A few of my favorite places to visit besides the off-the-beaten path bars were touring Trinity College and the Old Library. If you ever visit one tourist spot in all of Dublin - this is my recommendation. The Old Library houses over 200,000 first edition books in a very long and very tall library. When you’re standing that close to history and the very penmanship of some of history’s most famous writers, something stirs a bout of appreciation. I must have been a writer or record keeper in my past life because I felt so connected in that moment. So moved by the fact that there are so many ideas and words of infinite sequences all within the text. Writing now about that memory I feel my soul coming to life. Before I digress deeper into my hidden love of writing, I should also mention that I most certainly visited the Guinness Storehouse and had a pint or two.  

Trading Guinness for lattes my next stop was the city of love, Paris France. Paris is exactly how it is portrayed in all the movies.  All the cute tight buildings with traditional French decor is picturesque. Everything was so clean too in regards to the city - extremely well kept. As soon as I got into the apartment and opened the curtain, there was a very personal view of the Eiffel Tower, which I got to see lit up and sparkly at night. Quite breathtaking and romantic to say the least. Paris adventures were non stop, visiting the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dome, Tuileries Gardens all between endless plates of charcuterie and fromage assiette. The food was fantastic but still does not compare to Ireland. While Paris was full of amazing life and wondrous moments, the locals there are not so big on American tourist. I certainly did not get any warm and fuzzies from the few people I met. I also learned the fastest way to out yourself as an American - yoga pants and sweatshirts. Basic Bitch here. All in all Paris was a beautiful city and I would love to have experienced Paris’ more kink side as I know they have an entire underground community dedicated to kinkeries. I found an amazing store in my journey off the beaten path that caters to extreme gay kink. Were talking endless assortment of butt plugs and anal beads. A room for latex fashion, swings, human cages, cock cages, sensory deprivation items, harnesses, locks, devices that appeared well crafted. I must have been a gay man in my past life because I was vibrating in this place. I left with two pieces - a humbler and urethral sounding rods. Literally from Paris with love.

Taking a train from Paris, I had a brief half day stop in Brussels, Belgium to visit Manneken Pis and of course pick up a handful of the most decadent chocolates ever. The final stop was Amsterdam, Netherlands and if I didn’t love the food so much in Ireland, I’d be doing everything to make Amsterdam my home. Everything about this city vibed with my soul. Some of the best people watching of my life in Amsterdam. The red light district was grossly overcrowded with tourist and I felt like I was window shopping for my next lingerie piece. I did pick up a nice multi tailed bull whip from one of the adult stores there, which I’ve been putting to good use. Biking and getting around the city is so very easy. Two parts of this visit stand out to me, the first one falling in love with Vondelpark. Before I tell you the second one, I’d like to make a statement here that I LOATHE biking. However, making a 14 mile bike ride along a trail from Amsterdam to Ouderkerk was completely worth the trip. One that I would definitely take again. The scenery is gorgeous along the Amstel River, with beautiful houses, tall grasses, wildlife, and a few windmills that the Netherlands are known for. The cafes are readily available for coffee and pot, where I even rolled the best joint! The trip was made additionally special by meeting a Real Heel Fan for lattes and long conversation.  

Overall, the entire experience between Ireland to the Netherlands was a great first experience to get into the European culture. I would certainly go back and look forward to my next adventure in new cities, that’s if I don’t decide to make one of them a future home for myself. ;-)


Jawbreaker Heartbreaker

I have created so many project this year and this is by far my favorite! I know I said that about the last one, but it's totally true...this was a labor of love. Inspired by Joan Jett's song Do You Wanna Touch, which was originally going to be a short teaser done in a college setting with tube socks and keds, jean shorts, and crop top - but a lack of access to a college class room challenged me to take my creativity another direction. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it!

7 Power Rings

Sonic the Hedgehog mashup with Ariana Grande's 7 Rings

Gods & Monsters

Blue Heel Teaser